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Build vs Buy- Calculate your True Costs

In the last post we touched on the costs involved in building your own continuing education management system (CEMS). Many people assume that after the initial development costs all they have to do is sit back and watch the money pour in. This approach does not take into account the true and total cost of ownership, and has led to many nasty surprises and blown budgets. So, before committing to anything, it pays to consider the true and total cost of owning a software system.


Legal organizations choose InReach to automate the entire online CLE process, comply with regulatory standards, and satisfy the educational needs of the lawyers they serve.


Medical associations and institutions depend on InReach to provide quality content in a variety of formats to time-strapped physicians looking to satisfy CME requirements anytime, anywhere.

Nonprofit /Associations

Leading non-profit and professional associations rely on InReach to streamline and automate online continuing education and training while providing the highest levels of service.


Financial organizations select InReach to provide quality ongoing education to help the accountants they serve stay current on best practices and critical developments in the field.

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